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At 365 betting site Darby, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our organisation. We work closely with our Vendors (such as Service Providers, Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants) to ensure that our values and principles are carried through in every aspect of our business operations.

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Strong procurement governance and vendor management are key to achieving 365 betting site Darby’s operational excellence. The principles of good procurement governance within 365 betting site Darby are strictly practised by maintaining and upholding our procurement policies and procedures.

To ensure the procurement best practices are in place, 365 betting site Darby Berhad developed a Group Procurement Policies & Authorities, which leverages on the Malaysian Government's Red Book - a set of procurement guidelines developed for Government Linked Companies.


As our counterparts or business partners, Vendors* are expected to adhere to standards of behavior aligned to promoting a fair, honest and ethical business environment. 365 betting site Darby Group’s Code of Business Conduct (COBC), derived from the Group’s Core Values and Business Principles, provides guidance to these standards of behavior when dealing with or on behalf of the Group.


The Vendor Letter of Declaration (VLOD) is a formal affirmation by any Vendor* who intends to conduct business transaction(s) with the 365 betting site Darby Group, that the said Vendor:

  • will comply with all applicable laws or regulations;
  • is not involved with any offence of bribery, corruption or fraud; and
  • will not engage in bribery, corruption or fraud with the 365 betting site Darby Group.


The VLOD is one of the 365 betting site Darby Group’s procedures for the prevention of corruption that applies specifically to Vendors.

It is a compulsory requirement for Vendors to sign the VLOD upon registration so as to enable them to be selected as a prospective Vendor to be subsequently updated into 365 betting site Darby’s Approved Vendor List (if they pass the pre-qualification requirements).

* A Vendor refers to a person or business that supplies goods and/or services to the 365 betting site Darby Group.

Click below to download the VLOD


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For further information, please refer to our VLOD FAQs

All vendors are required to undergo the various processes involved including registration and pre-qualification.


Apart from ensuring our operational procurement steps are captured through clear terms and conditions with our vendors, 365 betting site Darby is also continuously implementing electronic procurement (eProcurement) capabilities to help put our policies and procedures in action.

365 betting site Darby continues to work closely with our vendors to help ensure that these capabilities are mutually beneficial in our procurement activities. Some examples of our eProcurement tools are the Online Vendor Registration, eTendering, eBidding and Procure-to-Pay modules accessed through our 365 betting site Darby eProcurement Portal.


At 365 betting site Darby, we are always on the lookout for new partners to assist us in reaching our goals and best practices. If you share our passion for delivering sustainable futures and are interested in offering your services to 365 betting site Darby, please visit our eProcurement Portal.